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My M.A. thesis regarding the legality of United States military intervention in Vietnam is available
.  (It is in .pdf format, which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.  It is 148 pages long, including appendices, and weighs in at a rather hefty 14 Mb.)  Note well that this is the copyrighted property of the author.  However, permission to download and store one copy per person is hereby granted to individuals who wish to read it.  Permission to reproduce up to 10 pages of the thesis is granted to any person or entity who wishes to use those pages for any educational purpose whatever, profit or non-profit, so long as those pages are properly attributed to the author by using the citation indicated at the end.  Any other use of my thesis is strictly forbidden without my express written consent.  

In particular, I commend the thesis to those who wish to learn the critical background history to United States military involvement in Vietnam.  After all, legal issues cannot be properly considered without a clear understanding of their historical contexts; hence, the most salient facts are carefully discussed and documented.  In particular, I direct attention to the sections treating of (A) the First Indochina War up to Geneva Agreements of 1954, (B) the failure to hold mandated nation-wide elections in 1956 and the consequences of that, (C) the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and (D) the limits on presidential war powers.      

Please cite my thesis as follows: Stanton, N. (1969). Vietnam and the law: a critical analysis of the Department of State's March 4, 1966, legal brief on American aid to the Republic of Vietnam. Unpublished master's thesis, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. Retrieved [insert month, day, and year here], from http://occasionaljustice.com/StantonMAThesisReVietnam.pdf.

~Nile Stanton
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