Occasional Justice 

Let's hope for it a bit more often.

     The following three short stories will be expanded over time to include more details, and new stories will be added here, to include ones describing . . . how men were convicted of crimes due to the gross incompetence of their defense attorneys, what it was like to represent a cold blooded killer, a bomber, and the man accused by the federal government as being the main pilot and trainer of other pilots for an international drug smuggling organization, and more. Stay tuned.

Military Defense Fraud!
A Foul Case Involving Deaths of Service Members

A Bizarre Courtroom Experience
My Kentucky Judge Story

The Insanity Defense Case of Tony Kiritsis
The First Nationally Televised "Not Guilty" Verdict

The Death Penalty Case of Larry Hicks
How An Innocent Person Was Nearly Executed

The Valentine's Day Mass Murder Case of Roger C. Drollinger
A Young Gang Of Killers
  •  "Quest for Justice," a continuing story.
~Nile Stanton

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